One Piece: Sanji’s Transformation Into A War Machine, Explained

Sanji’s power will only grow in One Piece’s final saga.

One Piece is currently in the Final Saga, and fans are incredibly excited to see the Straw Hat Pirates get closer to their eventual goals, and of course, to the One Piece as well. Over the course of the last few years, readers have seen these incredible pirates develop in many ways. In the Wano Country arc, quite a lot of the Straw Hat Pirates received attention from Oda, and one individual that he focused on a lot was Sanji.

Sanji finally awakened his latent powers in this arc, and was faced with a massive decision, which was, to abandon his morals to gain power in the face of adversity, or to stick to them and fight the way he could. Of course, as fans know, Sanji chose the latter, however, this interesting plot point isn’t done. Oda will more certainly tackle his mutation once again, and it will certainly be an interesting development surrounding his character.

Sanji’s Awakening Of The Germa Powers

Sanji’s Latent Generic Powers Awakened In Wano

Sanji first awakened the latent germa powers long ago. Although he did not manifest that at birth, unlike his siblings, Sanji did showcase a curious resistance to fire very early on in the story. In fact, even when he was on Baratie, Sanji had resistance to fire, and it was almost as if the fire did not affect him at all. This resistance to fire was clearly a result of the genetic mutation, as confirmed by Oda himself in Volume 105 SBS.

Later down the line, this resistance to fire grew even further, and in the Enies Lobby arc, it turned into something much greater, as he was able to manifest the power of Diable Jambe. Sanji continued to develop this power even further over the years, and it was only in the Wano Country arc that his genetic mutation raised a whole new level. After having put on the raid suit three times, Sanji noticed changes in his body and these changes eventually resulted in him awakening the same powers as his siblings.

Which one’s going to be more useful to the King of the Pirates…?

Sanji gained the power to manifest a strong exoskeleton, and at the same time, he gained more muscle mass. Sanji also gained an incredibly fast regeneration factor, and all these things, when put together, make him one of the strongest individuals in the entire story. Of course, Sanji did not like these genetic modifications at the time, however, he certainly did train quite a lot to achieve them, and with this strength that he made his own, he was able to help him defeat Queen, a pirate worth 1.32 billion berries.

Ever since Wano, Sanji has tapped into the power of these modifications two times. The very first time that fans saw Sanji utilize these incredible powers after Wano was when he fought against the seraphim of Jinbe, named S-Shark. As fans know already, S-Shark was not able to withstand battle against Sanji, and the latter was actually superior to him. Later on, when the war against the World Government was playing out on Egghead, Sanji utilized the power of the Germa mutation once again. This time around, Sanji fought against Kizaru in a short skirmish, and he managed to shock him completely when he shattered his light and destroyed it completely. This was quite a surprising development for the fans to witness, and it just went on to showcase that Sanji’s growth and genetic mutation are still ongoing.

Will Sanji Mutate Further?

Sanji’s Genetic Mutation Is Not Done Yet

The question of whether Sanji will mutate further or not is quite a simple one to answer. Even though Sanji has mutated quite a lot up until this point in the story, he will continue to grow. This is evident from the fact that Sanji himself mentioned that he does not know what will happen to his body from here on out. Furthermore, Oda mentioned in SBS volume 105 that Sanji was able to awaken the latent powers thanks to putting on the raid suit. What was interesting about this message was that towards the end, Oda clearly mentioned that there would be more developments pertaining to it in the future and asked friends to observe Sanji carefully.

Taking all these things into consideration, it is clear for the fans to see that Sanji is not done with his mutations, and that there will come a time when he will have to mutate even further. This could happen as soon as the upcoming Egghead chapters, or, in the next arc of One Piece. There isn’t a time frame when it comes to finding out when his genetic modifications will kick in. However, fans can rest assured that it will happen at some point down the line.

Sanji’s story is far from finished, as is his connection to the Germa Kingdom. Oda will most likely go into deeper details in this particular plot line in the Final Saga of One Piece, and that is something that every fan would love to be explored even further. While Sanji seems to have his powers under control at the moment, there might come a time when he struggles to contain the power that Judge built into him. This would make for a very compelling storyline, and fans are eagerly waiting for it.

Sanji’s Final Transformation Into A War Machine

Sanji Could Lose His Emotions In One Piece

As Sanji put himself when he first realized that he had awakened the latent Germa powers, he started to become more like a war machine. Sanji feared that he would lose his emotions. However, at that point in time, he didn’t. While that was quite lucky, there is a chance that he could very well end up losing his emotions later down the line and turning into a full-blown war machine. Of course, turning into a wall machine would give Sanji a lot of power, as he clearly mentioned himself. It would make him strong enough to dismember anyone who stood in his path, even the likes of the powerful Admirals. However, this power would come at a massive cost and that is his very own humanity. Sanji could turn into a cold and emotionless individual. In fact, even his hair might end up going completely black, which is how he was likely supposed to be, to begin with, since his name is Stealth Black.

It will make for quite an interesting scenario, as Sanji will have to fight his way through these feelings, and eventually gain control of his powers in that way. When Sanji completely masters the power of science, he would gain his emotions once again, but also keep his newfound abilities. This will most likely be Sanji’s final power-up in One Piece, and it would push him to completely new levels, and at the same time, give fans impeccable drama around his character, which is something that they have always appreciated. Sanji’s kindness and selflessness are at the core of his character, and when he conquers his mutation, he will once again regain these qualities that Luffy chose him for.

Of course, for any of that to happen, the Straw Hat Pirates need to be in an all-out war, which fans will need to wait quite a bit for. The chances for this to happen on Egghead are very low, since the arc is nearing its conclusion. Fans will most likely have to wait for the next major arc for this to happen.

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